We have something that may interest you (so please keep reading; we don’t want you to miss out :p)

Let me tell you about a leaf that comes from deep in the Amazon jungle and is freshly approved by the EU for sale. You will be one of the first to know about it, about ‘Ilex Guayusa’. The leaf that the indigenous tribes drink when on night-watch, and aptly nicknamed ‘The Night Watchman’.

The Night Watchman – Guayusa

For 1000s of years they have sworn by it, it is shrouded in myth and legend, believed to be sacred, and valued for the strength and energy it gives the drinker. Science is finally catching up. Like coffee, Guayusa is high in caffeine. What makes it interesting, and perhaps earn the title ‘super-leaf’ is what else it contains and the different effects it has on the body.

One brew of Guayusa is about equal to a cup of coffee, however the experience is wholly different. The caffeine in Guayusa is released slowly over a longer period of time.  The result is a clean and sustained feeling of awakefulness, no crash and no jitters.

Here is a (slightly exaggerated) illustration:

Guayusa vs Coffee


(Please note, the Guayusa drinker is not sleeping, her eyes are only momentarily closed as she appreciates how calm and wakeful she is feeling.  Notice how the Coffee drinker has coffee stains on his teeth, is looking overly anxious, and has clearly lost the ability to focus.)

So come try some of our Guayusa. We offer the best value in the UK but do not compromise on quality. Each teabag is painstaking sealed by hand for quality control and our supplier is highly planet conscious; promoting traditional farming around the world and investing back into the farming communities to preserve their culture and traditions.

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