Guayusa vs Coffee

Disclaimer: You are on the website of a company that sells Guayusa. This could mean we are severely biased. However please give us the benefit of the doubt as intelligent individuals who wouldn’t have started a company to sell Guayusa if they didn’t believe it had its merits. Of course we are bias, you donuts. But Guayusa is still the best.

So first let’s see where Guayusa and Coffee are similar:

  • They both provide a similar boost of caffeine in a brew.
  • They are both from plants.

Ok, now the differences (objective totally):

  • Guayusa is grown in a Chakra agroforestry system (at least ours is) that encourages flora and fauna around it. Most coffee is grown on open plantations that are uninhabitable by wildlife and often created by deforestation.
  • Guayusa also contains L-theanine (found in green-tea also -see Guayusa vs Greentea here) which works in synergy with caffeine to produce a calm level of focus. Coffee does not.
  • Because of the high level of polyphenols that Guayusa contains, the caffeine is released into the bloodstream over a longer period of time. Coffee is conversely famous for the “crash”.
  • Guayusa has more nutrients and polyphenols, part of the reason to this is it is unroasted (actually you can make coffee with green unroasted coffee beans and its healthy stuff, it just doesn’t taste as good as roasted coffee, nor as good as Guayusa)
  • Guayusa has no tannins. Coffee does. Tannins interfere with protein digestion. They also taste bitter. So Guayusa has a sweeter taste to coffee. In addition, tannins can stain teeth. Coffee stains teeth, Guayusa does not.
  • Guayusa is brewed like a tea while coffee is, well, brewed like coffee. With Guayusa you can experiment with loads of different blends, bring forth the tea connoisseur! -Guayusa tastes better. It has that ‘unami’ factor that may be attributed to the presence of L-theanine.
  • Guayusa is more fun to say. Gwhy-you-sah, go on -say it.

Results: Guayusa is cool. 1 point Guayusa, 0 points Coffee.

Guayusa is better than coffee

It’s time to replace coffee with Guayusa.