Being sustainable is prime

At Athlete’s Brew, we care about our impact on the environment. We understand that our planet is at the brink of destruction. That’s why we will do EVERYTHING we can to reduce our environmental impact. We’re committed improving how environmentally responsible we are, from ensuring the suppliers we are working with are as eco-friendly, to minimising and eliminating our use of plastic . Here are some things we do to reduce our environmental impact as a small business.

The Product we choose – Guayusa

our commitment to becoming a sustainable business - Athlete's Brew
Guayusa is grown in ‘Chakra’ Agroforestry system

We know that Guayusa is good for our body in so many ways (click here if you have missed out all the benefits of Guayusa), but that’s not the only reason we keep emphasizing that you should replace coffee with Guayusa. Compared with Guayusa, the way coffee is grown is really bad for the environment. Most coffee grows in open farms, which means there is no natural vegetation; and no support for local wildlife. As for Guayusa, it is grown in a ‘Chakra’ Agroforestry system, a traditional system that means it grows in the shade of the rainforest and promotes reforestation of the Amazon. If you want to join us in our mission to help save our planet, you should stop drinking coffee NOW. Not only does Guayusa benefit our body, it also helps protect and sustain our ecosystem. If you simply want to benefit from the energy boost of Guayusa in a healthy way without the cost of the environment, then Guayusa is your best choice. It is time to act, click here if you are ready to be part of the Guayusa community.

The Suppliers we work with

At Athlete’s Brew, we are very careful about every single element we are using, from the teabags to the labels. We strive to minimize the use of plastic as much as possible and replace it with packaging made from sustainable sources. That’s why we are serious about choosing the right suppliers that have the same motives as ours. It is important for us to build relationships only with companies who also promote environmental awareness.

Here are some major suppliers we work with:

Green Matters EC is our main supplier of Guayusa. They are socially committed and have a history of donating back to the communities they employ to preserve their culture and traditions. Its foundation runs projects around the world with the purpose of promoting natural farming methods that are good for the ecosystems they are situated in. It also means that your purchase from us is helping them promote the conservation and sustainable development of the rainforest and protecting our planet.

Jamopackaging Solution is the supplier of our packaging. We use their biodegradable stand up pouch for our Guayusa teabags. The one we are using is made of kraft paper, cellulose film and starch film. Their biodegradable are tested and certified as fully compostable. They decompose in ten weeks, and can be composted at home or deposited in the ‘’compostable food waste’’ refuse containers. This makes them ideal for packing our Guayusa.

LabelsPlus is the supplier of our label. The label we are using is biodegradable whitecane fibre paper. The lable is made from 95% of sugar cane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen. The adhersive is a permanent acrylic based biodegradable and compostable adhesive.

With the right selection of our suppliers and product, we are able to provide the best quality product without the cost to the environment.

If you are or have a better candidate compared to our suppliers, please feel free to contact us here. We are committed to working with environmentally responsible companies .

While we are doing our part, you should also be environmentally responsible as a consumer – one of the best you can do is to buy things that you know it comes from a sustainable source.

Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.