Most people who are after a caffeine boost may go for the standard coffee or the energy drink. Now, coffee-milk-no-sugar is the least evil of these options since sugar is the king pin criminal for unhealthy teeth. Most people know about the infamous “coffee breath”. We would be naive however to assume most people who drink coffee do so without sugar; see, coffee is naturally bitter and therefore people add their milk and sugar to help make it more palatable and balance out the bitterness.

Another problem with coffee is its acidity. Most coffees have a ph of around 5.0, which is quite acidic.*1 This sucks because your teeth start to demineralize when exposed to ph levels of 5.5 and lower. When your teeth begin to demineralize, the outer protective layer is slowly dissolved, and will start to appear greyer. Whats more, if you take sugar with your coffee (you can’t help it can you!), the acid loving bacteria will have a fiesta on your teeth. This is a one-two punch into your dental health and a fast-track route to rotting teeth.

There are too many people out there drinking coffee for energy, damaging their teeth and reeking of coffee breath. I’ve had enough! Repeat after me: “We have all had enough!”. Ok. Great.

So here comes the solution:

Guayusa. Obviously.

  1. Guayusa has a ph of 6.4-7.1*2, pretty much neutral, so no need to worry about deminerelization! Phew.
  2. Since Guayusa is already subtly sweet, you can enjoy the taste of Guayusa without adding sugar and without any rotting teeth 🙂 Excellent.
  3. Guayusa is high in anti-oxidants, actually it has double the anti-oxidants of green tea. This is great anyway, we all know anti-oxidants are great. However the extra benefit to this is that anti-oxidants have an anti-bacterial effect, which means they will help kill that ‘bad breath bacteria’. This is what the science says, but traditionally the Kichwa tribes that have been drinking Guayusa for 1000s of years have also been using it to clean their teeth and as a mouthwash, I doubt they would do something for so long if it wasn’t effective. So Guayusa may have the opposite effect of coffee, and we can now talk about clean, green and fresh ‘Guayusa breath’. Mmmmmmm.

Moreover, Guayusa just tastes good; you simply don’t need any more sugar laden energy drinks. See the other articles to see that Guayusa has a ton of benefits, why it is superior to coffee, why buying it helps support our planet, and more.

If you’re interested to see more comparisons between Guayusa and Coffee, click here.

Over and out.



2* We tested the guayusa ourselves using a calibrated PH meter with a 5 and 10 minute brew of our guayusa teabags and loose-leaf in 250ml of water. The 5 minute teabag brew yielded a PH of 6.60 and the 10 minute brew was measured as 6.40. The 5 minute loose-leaf brew gave a ph of 6.9 and the 10 minute brew resulted in ph of 7.1. It seems that loose-leaf is more neutral due to the larger cut of the leaves which slows down the absorption of the acids.