Ok so you’re an Athlete. “If you have a body you are an Athlete.” in the words of Bill Bowerman. Screw Bill Bowerman, but the sentiment is right on. If you an Athlete, (duh that’s you) then Guayusa will be of interest.

More and more athletes are turning to natural and healthier sources of nutrition. Being an Athlete, means making your body perform at its best, it means having an edge over your competitors. So if you find something that lubricates and fine tunes your body with no negative side effects, you take it.

So I could tell you Guayusa is a plant from Ecuador grown as part of a chakra agroforestry system; this means it is a sustainable form of crop management… -but you’re not really paying much attention. So instead I could tell you the plant has been used for 1000s of years by the indigenous tribes for strength and energy -and you might start listening. When I start telling you that Guayusa improves heart, lung, brain and gut function and performance, more so than any other caffeine source you’ve been using. Ah! I see! So now you’re all ears!

See the diagram below, that shows the most important benefits Guayusa provides to Athletes:

Guayusa benefits disgram

  1. Calm*, focused and alert mental state because of the high caffeine levels, but the low adrenal response. Higher Serotonin levels will also improve mood and cognitive function. *calm in comparison to coffee
  2. Increased blood flow by the opening of blood vessels by the polyphenols.
  3. Improved Lung Function by the opening of the airways with the caffeine and increased norepinephrine
  4. Healthier Gut. EGCGs reduce inflammation in the gut associated with bloating and stomach cramps.

The Kichwa community that live in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador drink Guayusa before hunting. It gives them that mental edge that they need to be successful. It’s all about the calm sense of alertness that Guayusa provides, which is important for any athlete. Guayusa gives you the energy and focus of coffee, but without the anxiety. And we have proof – it’s all about the adrenal response.

Click here to learn why Guayusa is a far better choice of caffeine than coffee (and about the differences in the adrenal response), here to read up about the health benefits and side-effects, and here to find more about the origins of Guayusa.

Kickstart your next exercise session with Guayusa

Guayusa is good for athletes